Three countries, three heritage sites, three teams of young professionals. Each of us eager to help to protect monuments of different age, function and shape - but still with the same goal of bringing life back to them, with the help of both traditional and progressive methods of approach. 


Neptune Baths - the architecture of decorative elements - ⧫ restoration techniques ⧫ role ⧫ history and meanings ⧫

As a part of the first European grant that the Neptune Baths will benefit from, the Locus Association is preparing for the summer of 2024 a masterclass dedicated to saving decorative elements. 35 participants will experiment with both historical techniques and state-of-the-art technologies under the guidance of the restoration specialist.


Gastronomy + Theatre at Giser House

As part of the case study in Slovenia, ID20 in Idrija is preparing a special new event at the Giser miner's house. The house will become the scene of a gastronomic and theatrical experience that will premiere in the later spring months. We will step back in time to 100 years ago and experience the story of a family of miners from Idrija, and the Idrija bourgeois cuisine of that time will also come to life before us.