About project

Baths, gothic churches and miners’ houses: Youth-led revitalisation of built cultural heritage”, shortened for “Project RE:”, unites three non-governmental and non-profit organisations from peripheral areas of Central and Eastern Europe – Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia. 

The three organisations are all led by young (20–35 y.o.) professionals, are all extremely important in local contexts and recognised on national levels for exemplary projects in the field of cultural heritage, all innovate by bringing skills and approaches from other fields (social media marketing, volunteering, fund-raising, entrepreneurship, tourism) into the field of cultural heritage. 

The partners’ activities are organised around three emblematic cultural heritage buildings: 

1. 19th Century Idrija Miners’ Houses (Slovenia), 

2. 19th century Neptune Baths of Băile Herculane (Romania),

3. 13th Century St.Ladislaus’ church in Kameňany (Slovakia). 

All three buildings have been recognised for its European heritage values (UNESCO World Heritage site, Europa Nostra’s 7 most endangered cultural heritage sites in 2022, and European Heritage Label site), yet are facing bleak futures due to inability of cultural heritage sector to drive their revitalisation.

Through proposed activities, partners will once again aim at disrupting the “usual way of doing things” in rigid cultural heritage sector and put forward action-based learning and training interventions. The aim of the project is thus to nurture young talents, reinforce their capacities and facilitate their innovation, experimentation and consequently lead to prosperous organisations and new jobs.

Within the project, the partners will collaborate and produce:

1. Three case study researches:

- In Slovenia, ID20 will experiment and pilot a unique tourist gastronomic experience as an unconventional approach at interpreting mining heritage of the 19th century Idrija.

- In Romania, LOCUS will be studying the degraded and seriously damanged ornamental plaster elements of the Neptune Bath building.

- In Slovakia, Goticka Cesta will design a landscape plan of a medieval church in Kameňany, Revúca region through participatory process and using 3D digitization.


2. Three MasterClasses:

- In Slovenia in June 2024 on traditional construction techniques (wood, lime plaster), business modelling, heritage products and services, 3D digitisation and digital interpretation and participation and community-building.

- In Romania in July 2024 on traditional and modern construction techniques for lime plaster ornaments, 3D digitisation and interpretation, awareness-raising of the importance of preserving historical monuments and fundraising techniques using awareness raised through social media platforms.

- In Slovakia in May 2024 on traditional construction techniques (landworks, gardening, dehumidification, stone tiling, masonry) and working with volunteers.


3. Six dissemination activities:

- A website

- A magazine

- Five webinars

- Video reportages

- Five live-streaming events

- A common graphic identity