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Neptune Baths - the architecture of decorative elements - ⧫ restoration techniques ⧫ role ⧫ history and meanings ⧫

As a part of the first European grant that the Neptune Baths will benefit from, the Locus Association is preparing for the summer of 2024 a masterclass dedicated to saving decorative elements. 35 participants will experiment with both historical techniques and state-of-the-art technologies under the guidance of the restoration specialist.


Gastronomy + Theatre at Giser House

As part of the case study in Slovenia, ID20 in Idrija is preparing a special new event at the Giser miner's house. The house will become the scene of a gastronomic and theatrical experience that will premiere in the later spring months. We will step back in time to 100 years ago and experience the story of a family of miners from Idrija, and the Idrija bourgeois cuisine of that time will also come to life before us.


EU project won by consortium of 3 non-profits from Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia

The project is organized around three emblematic cultural heritage buildings: 19th Century Idrija Miners’ Houses (Slovenia), 19th century Neptune Baths of Băile Herculane (Romania) and 13th Century St.Ladislaus’ church in Kameňany (Slovakia). The project focuses not only on heritage sites with European value, but also on how young people can have an impact on the revitalisation and conservation of cultural heritage sharing three different stories and three different approaches.


Partners' meeting

The Project RE: has been approved by the European Commission in December 2022. The first in-person meeting of all the partners took place in Idrija, Slovenia, as ID20 initiative is the main partner of the whole project.