Giser House / Idrija, Slovenia

The Giser House itself dates to the early 19th century, when a modest miners’ dwelling was erected, and later expanded under different working-class landlords. The Giser House and its adjacent humble steep meadows and orchards flourished especially under Zupančič family to which the name “Giser” is also attached. 

After the last owner passed in 2003, the house was left abandoned and untouched. It was not until 2021 that the ID20 team bought the house and set the vision of a step-by-step revitalisation where the process of learning and experimenting is as important as the final result of renovation.   

As food and drinks are the best catalysts of emotions, we will conceptualise, develop and implement a gastronomic-theatre play that will blend the gastronomic, theater and heritage intepretation principles in a unique experience.  

Within the project, ID20 is involving a screenwriter, historian, playwright, musician, cheft and local community in a joint collaboration to create a hommage to the miners‘ families of Idrija. 

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